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PAGO System R800 - Powerful rotary labelling system

The Pago System R800 is a sturdy, powerful and reliable rotary labelling system that incorporates the innovative and proven Pagomat labelling head series of applicators. The R800 has been developed for the application of selfadhesive labels to all kinds of products of different shapes and sizes.

For every task

The Pago System R800 fully meets market needs. Highly modular, the Pago System R800 can be adapted to any production line where high output, reliability and maximum precision is required in long-term operation. 

High performance

Depending on the specific application the Pago System R800, in combination with the Pagomat labelling units, provides a labelling capacity of up to 1000 products per minute, depending on the container shape and size dimension and the label dimension. 

Safe Operation

The Pago System R800 is easily accessible. The special turret guarding provides complete protection and meets all current European safety legislation. The use of extraction slides and special safety tunnels on the Pagomat units makes the reel change operation easier and faster whilst maintaining operator safety. 

High reliability

In a world of multiple shift patterns and frequent line changes the Pago System R800 has been engineered to meet the needs of a continuous industrial operation and to ensure high production efficiency.  

PAGOmat: precision labelling

The Pago System R800 is equipped with the latest generation of Pagomat labelling units. The units have been specifically designed to be a perfect complement to the rotary system to guarantee high performance, accurate label application and easy operation.  .  

The PAGOmat 6/5 with an application rate of 120 m / min was developed especially for the rotary system R800.