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Software Products

PAGOwin Next

The modular software for data management with labels
The PAGOwin Next program package developed by Pago contains independent programs for label design, label printing and data management. Special features such as dynamic language changing without having to reboot, layer technology for label layout, simple and reliable integration into existing IT environments as well as working with the internationally standardised XML file format are just a few key features of this standard program, which is available in BASIC, BASIC+, STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL editions.


General-purpose label design and printing program.
The NiceLabel program package developed by EuroPlus comprises several sub-programs for label design, label printing and data management. Its advantages include a wide range of available user languages and printer drivers as well as the additional programs for enterprise solutions and web solutions in the could. The standard program is available in EXPRESS, PRO and SUITE versions.


Software for stand-alone operation of label printing systems.


PAGOcomfort Standard
Self-contained printer program for Pago label printers of the 10, 12, 15, 16 and 17 families and labelling machines in the 15 and 16 range. The software allows:
I. standalone operation of the label printers
II. convenient connection of the label printing systems to a host computer

PAGOcomfort with database
“Pagocomfort+DB” software that also allows the label content information to be stored on memory cards (e.g. product, article, order database).
PAGOcomfort for labelling containers and pallets
The “Pagocomfort + PAL” software was specially developed for manual labelling of containers and pallets. The program calculates the correct SSCC checksum number and offers other GS1 128-specific functions.

PAGOcomfort for barcode checking
“Pagocomfort+V” supports 100% barcode checking immediately after printing.


PAGObatchprint – label printing from ERP
PAGObatchprint is the middleware between ERP (SAP, AX etc.) and the marking system and, once installed and configured, it requires no further user intervention. The software can operate any data interface, including the special data interface to the host computer.


Networked printing and labelling with on-site operation
Pagoterminal is a solution for simple and convenient decentralised actuation at the print system of label printing using centrally stored data.
The software comprises two program parts: the server part and the client part. The Pagoterminal server software runs on the central PC while the Pagoterminal client software runs in any connected label printing system.
Data input at the printer is achieved either via the printer keyboard or a barcode scanner which is connected to a second serial interface on the printer. The label layouts created with the label design program and saved in the print system determine whether further information, e.g. batch number, label quantity etc., needs to be entered via the printer keyboard. Pagoterminal is compatible with Pago’s Series 15 and 16 label printing systems.


PAGOlineload – coordinated and controlled distribution of identification data to one or more production lines
Synchronised data output ensures order-based data is sent to the identification devices distributed along the production line at precisely the right time.


PAGOlinecontrol – software for marking and identification processes
The software allows partial or complete solutions for identification > marking > checking > logging as well as process and status displays covering multiple production stages.


Logistical handling of pallets in shipping
The PAGOpaltracker software based on MS Windows assists you with the logistics of pallet handling. The software is used for the automatic detection of barcode-labelled pallets when loading. The collected data are supplied as an “electronic delivery note” file for further processing.