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PAGO wins Finat Label Award

Finat is the international association of the self-adhesive labelling industry and holds an annual label competition. The event took place for the 31st time this year. Nine Pago labels made it to the final category nominations. One label achieved first place in its category and was also distinguished as winner of one of the four major groups.

This year the Finat label competition attracted a record participation level of 360 project entries, submitted by 50 companies from all over the world.

The extremely attractively designed and perfectly printed "Just Malve" label won first prize for Pago in the Printing Processes group. Here marks were particularly awarded for print quality, execution and design implementation. In this respect especially, the "Just Malve" labels achieved top marks, prevailing against other nominations.

<<  Winner in the "Printing Processes" group of the Finat Label Competition 2011:
"Just Malve" – Self-adhesive label, manufactured by Pago

In addition to the award for the "Just Malve" label, the Pago Group received nine other nominations for self-adhesive labels, sleeves and specialities, thus achieving one of the best overall results of all participating label manufacturers.

Finalist in the Foodstuffs category:
Jowa Pain Création
A Pago label made from ecologically-sustainable materials, manufactured from waste products of sugar cane production. The design is simple but attractive, implemented with the use of various printing processes.


Finalist in the Innovations category:
Geberit sleeve
A functional sleeve, fitted to the ends of supply pipes, which makes work easier for the tradesman in several respects. A special feature is that the technician can now see at a glance whether or not connections have been correctly pressed.

Finalist in the Own Advertising category:
PAGO haptic sleeve Summer Rain
This sample sleeve shows that haptic special effects (as tactile design elements) can also be used to advantage on attractive shrink sleeves.

Finalist in the Safe Marking category:
Hagleitner product marking
An intelligently designed Pagoinfoform label which permits the individual marking of containers for cleaning agents. The protective film can be opened and re-closed. The warning notes can be compiled separately, depending on the properties of the contents.

Finalist in the Combination Print category:
Nivea Women
A high-end decoration label, the manufacture of which involves the combination of several print processes on one production machine. In this way each individual design sector is given its own individual emphasis.

Finalist in the Promotion and Coupons category:
Strath Unfolding Butterflies
A real eye-catcher. In principle, self-adhesive labels, but once released from their packaging, three-dimensional butterflies, whose wings can be spread.

Finalist in the Innovations category:
Reichle & De-Massari technical label
A very small (only a few millimetres wide and high) marking label for components in data-cable plugs. Correct wiring is indicated using a colour code. This technical application requires production accuracy of tenths of a millimetre. Even these tiny labels can also be applied automatically.

Finalist in the Sleeves category:
Shakeria PAGOsleeves
A perfect example of outstandingly printed, attractive product decoration in combination with additional functions. Thanks to an opening perforation in the sleeves, a drinking straw can be extended.

Finalist in the Own Advertising category:
Pago Calendar 2010
with animal labels. On each page of the calendar, special visual characteristics of the animals depicted are reconstructed by individually produced and finished labels.

Andreas Hofmänner, Head of Pago Business Unit Switzerland and Austria receives the award from Tony White, chairman of the competition jury.