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PAGOmat 15 E-x – For printing and attaching labels in the high performance range

The extremely robust Pagomat 15 E-x automatic printing and labelling machine is designed for the industrial printing and application of self-adhesive labels onto products from all industries. Thanks to many technical refinements, the Pagomat 15 E-x can be used in a wide variety of applications to meet a broad range of requirements. Standard and customised software solutions permit stand-alone operation or integration into higher-level systems.

Technical data:

Resolution300 dpi
Print width110 or 168 mm
Web passage width120 or 170 mm
Speedup to 300 mm/s
InterfacesRS 232, Ethernet

  • New standard of performance with high printing and labelling speeds of up to 300 mm/s
  • Expansion for high-performance labelling for sensational product speeds of up to 35 m/min
  • Robust design for continuous use under demanding conditions
  • Optimised form and weight; can be integrated into any packaging line
  • Maximum user-friendliness for even quicker setup
  • Labelling in various positions: from above, below, horizontal
  • Freely positionable external control unit for ergonomic placement (optional)
  • Choice of thermal transfer or direct thermo-printing process
  • High print quality in 203 or 300 dpi, a wide range of fonts, barcode and graphic formats
  • State-of-the-art RISC processor technology for minimal data collection time, virtually no stops for batch size 1
  • Facility for variable data input via full alphanumeric keyboard
  • Quick connection to host system or PLC (thanks to interfaces, Pagocomfort)
  • Expanded 24V signal interfaces for in-line process optimisation
  • Simple label design and printing thanks to the Pagowin tried and tested software
  • In the simplest case, stand-alone operation without PC, with stored layouts
  • Can be converted to other product sizes, product shapes or label types quickly and without the need for any tools

Design versions:

a) Pagomat 15 E-x with dispensing arm for labelling in synchronisation with the product
b) Pagomat 15 E-x with label transfer device for application of last label printed

Compatible label printers:

Pagoprint 15/110Tx, 15/168Tx

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