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The PAGOpharma Concept

Modular flexibility and customized process security

Pago System L400 Pharma

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Pharma Management Center

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Das PAGO System R800

Maximum adaptability to customer’s specific needs and top flexibility for further development are the central aims on which the design of our labelling systems focuses.

From an economic standard system to an individual high-tech solution

With our innovative Pago module system for linear labelling systems we define a new standard for this particular application: provision of all the labelling functions as performance- and application specific modules permits complete additive design of labelling equipment to meet the customers‘ precise needs. From a straightforward system for standard labelling to a high performance solution for highly specialized tasks.

Modularity from square one

The versatility of the system is already apparent in the machine frame in stainless steel. Its vibration-proof and torsionally rigid open design can be flexibly dimensioned on a versatile size grid.
The machines can be equipped with an all-around enclosure which satisfies the whole criteria of the EU machine directives and gives a clear view from every angle. Easy access through doors at the front and back makes maintenance highly user-friendly.

The task determines the solution

Many alternatives for product transfer, separation and guidance ensure optimum feed to the labelling process for every task. Pagomat automatic labelling units in every performance category can be docked onto the product transfer line in any desired position, so enabling a perfect solution to be found perfect solution to be found for every requirement.
Modules for individual product marking with a batch number, use-by date, barcode or 2D symbol code can be fully integrated.
Non-stop labelling, reel changing on one side outside the enclosure, product specific inspection devices and many other options are available and can be implemented subsequently if needed.
Depending on the production environment and the requirements, machine control is effected via standard machine operating elements or using modern PLC technology and operating concepts in Standard, Comfort and Advanced versions.
The latest networking modules allow straightforward integration of the labelling system into production lines.

The PAGO module concept for specific pharmaceutical applications

You decide which options and modules to fi t on your pharmaceutical labelling system; the functions needed to achieve your particular goals are then grouped together with maximum economy. The following modules and implementation options are quoted by way of example:

  • Stainless steel version of base frame and individual components
  • Additional doors in the protective enclosure for ease of access
  • Components mounted with hidden fixings
  • Trap surface inclined forward, below the product conveyor
  • Covered cable ducts
  • Full-surface mounting plate
  • Customer specific modules and options for variable printing and coding
  • Range of verification and inspection modules to customer specification
  • Software and hardware for machine control and operator panel ready for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Development and manufacture of entire labelling system based on GAMP guidelines
  • Part and complete validation packages
  • Project management by experienced Pago pharmaceutical specialists

PAGO Label Sort Out System

Already on the Pagomat inspection cameras, scanners and sensors detect defective labels, which are then tracked until they arrive at the label dispenser edge. There they’re not applied to the product, but automatically rejected from the labelling process and collected separately.

PAGO Pharma Management Center (PMC)

The system control units of the Pago labelling machines can be equipped with the Pago Pharma Management Center (PMC) module. This comfortably brings together the operation of all software components as well as the entirety of electronic units such as inspection, coding and safety devices. The associated database allows an easy product changeover, improved diagnostics features and provides the basis for effective tracking and tracing of goods.
Fitted with the corresponding control systems and computer connections, Pago PMC also fulfils the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 regarding user administration procedures and revision reporting (audit trail).

The PAGO pharmaceutical concept: customized solutions for the most stringent requirements

Security, efficiency and purity in industrial production are not specific to the pharmaceutical industry alone; they are equally important in other branches.
The three-stage Pago pharmaceutical concept can be ideally tailored to the needs of every branch. Its maximum design version meets the highest international pharmaceutical industry standard.

The ideal security standard for your specific task

With the choice of machine modules you define the nature of the application, the performance class and the number of available options.
With our different Pago pharmaceutical concept performance stages we also guarantee a labelling process precisely designed to meet your parameters for security and purity.
Service offers are the key to efficient compliance with standards as well as smooth and fast commissioning of the labelling technology module perfectly integrated into your production line.
Our experienced customer relationship managers and developers work with you to arrive at the most economical solution for our specific task.

Ask us about the many opportunities provided by our concept.