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Labels for increased functionality and customer loyalty

Through tamper-evident, quality assurance and other useful functions, labels help many products gain an impressive profile with strong customer loyalty. Pago offers a wide selection of functional label solutions.


Pagoclose re-closure labels create a high level of added value for consumers. The packaging remains a storage container while the contents and freshness of the product is protected.


Self-adhesive labels and sleeves are also used to economically assemble numerous products into multipacks – an efficient method for simple implementation of special campaigns at the POS. 

Tamper-evident guarantee

Tamper-evident labels and sleeves indicate that the packaging has not been opened. Hence they strengthen customer confidence and visually demonstrate the care the manufacturers have taken to ensure the purity of their products.

Anti-theft devices

Labels with integrated RF security elements can be used as anti-theft devices on products.

RFID technology

Labels combined with RFID technology open up new possibilities in logistics, tamper evidence for products and distribution monitoring.

Contact our customer advisors for a private consultation. We would be happy to help you make your product a success through optimally adapted and reliable function labels.