Company History

History Pago


1896  Foundation of the company as stationery shop in Buchs (Switzerland)

1959  Start of Self-adhesive Label production

1978  Foundation of Pago Etikettiersysteme GmbH in Aichtal (Germany)

1979  Start of Production of labelling heads (Pagomat)

1995  New building of the Headquarters at Grabs, Switzerland

1997  Foundation of Pago Srl at Rodigo, Italy

2012  Pago joins Fuji Seal Group

History of Fuji Seal

1897  Foundation of the company in Japan, production of wooden faucets for sake kegs

1958  Production start of aluminium cap seals marks start of operation in packaging industry

1965  Fuji Seal pioneers Shrink Sleeve technology

1975  Fuji Seal America becomes first company established outside of Japan

1978  Development of Series 400 Shrink Sleeve machine

1979  Foundation of first Fuji Seal company in Europe (Germany)

1993  Dutch packaging machine producer Intersleeve is acquired (to become Fuji Seal Europe BV)

1998  Development of the first pouch machine

2005  Setup of production site at Kutno (Poland)

2012  Acquisition of Pago Group

Pago as part of Fuji Seal since 2012


2012  Acqusition of Pago Group by Fuji Seal International Inc.

2014  For the first time in company history sales reach 1 billion US $

2015  Update of production of self-adhesive labels in Europe: Kutno site (Poland) starts production of self-adhesive labels

2017  Fuji Seal Group celebrates 120-year anniversary