Multi-layer Labels

In Pago, we offer two different categories of multi-layer labels: promotional and informational labels. Both are explained here in detail.

Promotion Labels

Self-adhesive, multi-page on-pack labels are an extremely
economical and effective means for inducing a
spontaneous purchase decision directly at the point
of sale.

Pagomedia are available in a wide range of different
designs and offer plenty of space for any sales
promotion campaigns. Inserted gimmicks, variable
win codes or pictographs and special label shapes
attract the attention of consumers. As with all labels,
self-adhesive Pagomedia labels can be applied onto
your products from a reel or from zigzag folded

Bring us on board for your promotional campaigns.
Pago is your specialist for producing creative
Pagomedia multi-layer labels.

Information Labels

Self-adhesive multi-layer labels are stuck permanently
to the product, making them an economical and safe
alternative to loose package inserts.

They offer plenty of space for detailed usage and
operating instructions in several languages, can be
produced in a wide range of designs and are suitable
for all product sizes and shapes. Special features
such as opening and reclosure functions, detachable
talons, overlaminations, codes and many more allow
individual solutions. As with all labels, self-adhesive
Pagomedia labels can be applied automatically onto
your products from the reel.